Score pour chaque

Il serait possible d’attribuer un score pour chaque année et ce score est indiqué dans Moodle? (Désolé quelques erreurs, ne parlent pas français, anglais seulement)

Hi, there are anglophones on this forum, could you explain a little more what you are trying to achieve ? Have you used SCENARI already ? if so which document model ?

Hi, Sam! I am using Opale 3.6. I created a scorm file whith two quizes and I uploaded it in Moodle. I want to know if it is possible to define a score for each quiz. When I check the report in Moodle, at the column “Result”, only appears “1” when the student finish the activity, but I would like that show the percent of right answers.

We produce several document models that are designed to fit different teaching scenarios:

  • Opale: A Opale Module models an academic course divided into divisions, Learning activities, Content elements, Self-assessment activities etc. Moodle only allows each SCO to return one score. An Opale Module can contain several Self-assessment activities, which one to take ?
    Opale can generate mono-SCO and multi-SCO versions, in the latter case each “web page” generated from the module is a separate Moodle SCO, in this situation each Self-assessment activity will report a score to Moodle but the Module is split up into parts that are accessed through Moodle’s SCO menu.
  • Emeraude: Opale contains an extension called Emeraude that is dedicated to the creation of linear course-ware. A Emeraude Module is basically a simplified linear version of an Opale Module, it can contain only one Self-assessment activity at the end of a Module and will return the score to Moodle.
  • Topaze: This is a separate model designed to produce non-linear complex learning paths such as case studies. Topaze can return a value as a Moodle score that is calculated by a author-defined mathematical formula based on many aspects of the learner’s interaction with the course-ware.
  • Rubis: This is a separate model designed to produce assessment activities, pure lists of questions, there is no pedagogical content, this model is purely designed to produce exams, It has many different scoring capabilities. Rubis is currently only available in French and Arabic.

Excellente cette synthèse ! Il nous la faut en français :wink:

I suggest you to try Quetzal.
Quetzal is available in English and French.
It something like Rubis: you will publish assessment (self-assessments and/or summative assessments).

You can use it on Moodle with the ScormLite player . It should be soon available for Moodle 3.2.
With this plug-in, students can pass exams on Moodle. The teacher will see the students copy and a report with all the notes.

You may use also the assessment path plug-in. In one Moodle activity, you may create several tests/steps, and for each step, you can create a remedial test.

Hoping this helps.
Sorry for the English not as good as Sam’s !

I want to thanks for the suggests.
I am trying to use Topaze. I installed the plugin Topaze for Moodle and Scorm Lite. I am trying to install the Assessment Path plugin, but it occours an error when I install the coursereport files. It says that the file was not found.

I am using Moodle 3.2. Is it because it is incompatible?

Yes, it must because you are using Moodle 3.2.
The ScormLite and Assessment path plugin should be available for Moodle 3.2 early in July (maybe June). Check here.

For Topaze publication, you must use Topaze plugin (I am not sure you can use the ScormLite plugin directly).
For Quetzal publications, you can useScormLite plugin and/or Assesmment path plugin.

Are you sure that Topaze is the right tool for your situation ? It is a very powerfull tool but one of our most complex models. From your initial posts it seemed to me that Emeraude was better adapted ? What are your goals what kind of course-ware do you need to produce ?