Cambiar los iconos clásicos de las aplicaciones

Hola buenas tardes, disculpen que escriba en español, necesito saber si es posible cambiar los iconos clásicos de los modelos Scenari, pero no encuentro donde están dentro de las carpetas de archivos. Pongo una captura de pantalla de los iconos que deseo cambiar, espero me puedan ayudar y muchas gracias por el trabajo realizado con el desarrollo de estas herramientas.


Désolé, je ne parle que Français et Anglais, avant de vous répondre vous préférez quelle langue ?

English, please.

My question in English

Hello good afternoon, sorry to write in Spanish, I need to know if it is possible to change the classic icons of Scenari models, but I cannot find where they are inside the file folders. I put a screenshot of the icons that I want to change, I hope you can help me and thank you very much for the work done with the development of these tools.


Your screenshot is of SCENARIbuilder, I assume that you are more interested in modifying a SCENARIapp ?

Mabe you could expand a bit on what you are building, what is your long-term aim, what kind of documents you intend to manage with SCENARI.
Are you developing a document model from scrach ? Or are you modifying an existing model ? if so which one ?

Sorry for all the questions but I need to better understand your needs and aims.

Be also advised that SCENARI 5.0 is soon ready for prime-time which will usher in a transition period that will see the phasing out of the Mozilla-based technology used for building our applications which will be replaced with Chromium and Electron based technology.

Thank you very much for your answer, at the moment I am modifying opale to adapt it to the terminology and way of working of Spain and Latin America, but I am also making an application from 0 to generate the didactic programming of teachers. In fact I am learning by breaking the opale models, understanding the whole process, but I need that makeover to offer the application of didactic programming to some teachers from Andalusia who are preparing access as teachers, my brother is their teacher and later if we see it interesting we will sell it.

I have seen that they are going through scenari 5 and that they will put it shortly, but I need that before and learn more about scenari 4.2, I am self-taught. In fact I didn’t know ScenariApp existed

Opale is in fact translated into Spanish ( What are the problems with the existing translation ?

What level of teachers are you aiming at ? (primary, secondary, higher education)?

Your other project sounds to me very much like Canoprof, a SCENARI document model (in French) designed for primary and secondary teachers and seems very close to your aim.

A SCENARIapp is just a SCENARI application dedicated to one (of more) document models.
You can either install SCENARIchain and then add Opale to it by downloading the Opale wsppack or you can install the Opale application that is just SCENARIchain packaged with Opale form the start.

I know Opale in Spanish, it is not a problem in translation, it is that the pedagogical structure is very different although it can be used, for example, we structure everything differently if it is training for employment or companies than if it is training in education, primary, secondary or university. I know Canoprof and it would be something similar but it is not the same structure, the teachers for the exam they have to take must present the didactic programming of all the courses in which they are going to give training, for example secondary natural sciences, for each didactic unit . It is work that is done by hand, it must be original for each one, and it must last one year of work. Obviously I thought of Scenari to facilitate the work by the independent content system, it should be structured on a single sheet as an outline, 4 high school courses multiplied by about 60 teaching units each course, many times sharing what you call content grains that we call it differently. My brother is preparing 12 students to be teachers and it’s crazy, that’s why I thought about making that application, to take advantage of content and objectives, because each grain of content has to be specified with its corresponding objectives and competencies already determined by law of education, not only the methodology, materials and activities.
If they do not present this part in their exams, they have a part suspended and they cannot take the next exam.

On the other hand, for job training it is much easier, since you only have to submit a technical file to the employment administration, with fewer requirements.

I work with Opale and I modify the skin with ScenariStyler, without a problem I actually like it a lot, but it is because I have been presenting my courses with Opale for years without problem because I do not take into account the terminology and I mount them in my own way, but it is impossible for me that other people like and can offer, along with the training with the terminology used, and the structural logic, I have modified that without problem, but if I use the word workshop, which by the way I love, it does not have much logic with the blackboard and that is where several people, teachers especially tell me that they do not like the aesthetics of the program that is not very visual to understand it with the structure, I do not know if I explain myself well, that is why I asked where I could change the icons to make it more pedagogical in facilitating the use of the models.


First please consider migrating to SCENARI 5.0 there is no reason to stay with SCENARI 4.2 and you will have to migrate to SCENARI 5.0 soon anyway.

The easiest way to achieve your goal is to hack a SCENARIkit and replace any icons you want and then build your own SCENARI application with your personalized SCENARIkit.
Here is a video of me replacing the workspace icon with a smiley and compiling a « smiley version » of the Optim application :

SCENARIkit is in fact a zip file containing everything needed to build a SCENARI application. It can be opened and modified.

Thank you very much!!! I try and tell you how it went, I migrate to scenari5 following your advice, thank you very much !!

Hola May,

que sepas que hay una zona para castellano-hablantes en el foro:

Como dice @sam desde la versión 5 de Scenari, si tienes una arquitectura de trabajo con un servidor, se puede trabajar y crear contenido desde una página de navegador, sin necesidad de instalar programas en el ordenador. De hecho ese tipo de interfaz es la que se va a generalizar. Por eso igual no vale mucho la pena invertir mucho tiempo en modificar una interfaz que al final se quedará obsoleta.

Te voy a pasar por privado un acceso a un taller de test Opale en mi espacio MyScenari para que pruebes la interfaz de edición full-web.


Muchas gracias, estoy probando todo. probando en Scenari 5. al compilar el modelo opale para pruebas me sale que me pide usuario y contraseña para acceder a ver el resultado, supongo que será para conectarme al servidor, mi socia está viendo para hacernos socias de scenari a ver si así cacharreo todo.

Un saludo y gracias por tu respuesta

En principio, los mismos accesos que te he dado por privado.